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March 31st Devotional

March 31, 2016

Tell us, when will these things happen? And what will be the sign that they are all about to be fulfilled?       Mark 13:4

As each day passes, we wonder what the future has in store for us. Unlike most individuals, there is no need to be overly concerned about it. If you think about this issue, you will realize we are not in control of what lies ahead. The solution to this dilemma is quite simple as the times ahead will be controlled by the Lord. He will know what is best for us. Furthermore, there should be no worrying. We are aware our Lord loves us and wants what is best for us. Unfortunately, there are too many who do not believe this and ruin the world as witnessed in Brussels, Paris, and Afghanistan. Look up to Him and realize He is in control. Let’s take at a couple verses and view what the Bible has to say about the future.

In the fourth chapter of Micah, he makes a prediction. Micah has an insight there will be an end to the kings who have ruled over the Israelites. The Judeans believed otherwise with thoughts directed to feeling the kingdoms would last forever. One commentator observed these insights and stated: “When God reveals the future, His purpose goes beyond satisfying our curiosity. He wants us to change our present behavior because of what we know about the future. Forever begins now; and a glimpse of God’s plan for His followers should motivate us to serve Him, no matter what the rest of the world may do.”

The above verse is from a conversation Jesus had with His disciples as they left the temple. It is based on signs that will signify the end of the age. There are several verses in this chapter comprised of predictions the Lord has made. I believe they were simply made for we can be spiritually alert and be prepared for when His Second Coming occurs. Another commentator summarized this chapter in noting: “Knowledge about the future should lead to obedience in the present.”

I chose to write about the future today for two reasons. One is simply the future is an important part of our life and we need to know what the Lord has to say about it. Second, my future is upon me each day, just like it is with all of us. I have a job but there needs to be an improvement. Therefore, I need to spend more time searching and finding the “right” job which will be beneficial to both Janet and myself. As a result, this is my last devotional. In turn, I ask for your prayers as I use more time to research, apply, and write in securing a position which will be related to what the Lord believes is best for me. Finally, thank you for your kind words as they were certainly an inspiration these last three months. May the Lord continue to Bless You. Even though I am still relatively new to Abundant Life, I concur with the late Dr. Robert Schuller and tell you: “God loves you and so do I!”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, lead us out of fearful times for the future and into an awareness we can face it with confidence knowing Your Son will be with us. Amen.

Jeff Spang


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