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March 16th Devotional

March 16, 2016

Whenever we pray for you, we always begin by giving thanks to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for we have heard how much you trust the Lord, and how much you love His people. Colossians 1:3,4 (The Living Bible)

After two days discussing “the what and why of prayer,” it is important to know how we should pray. I am not referring to positions such as bended knees or bowed heads but the mindsets we should be in. These should be observed to show God we are serious of what we desire to discuss with Him.

The first and no doubt is for us to pray with a deep respect for our Savior. Serious prayer observes one to be concentrating in what he/she is discussing with God. This does not mean we give Him a minute and that’s it. Quick prayers and a lack of thoughts does not accomplish anything and definitely will not please God. He is always available to listen but a “hurry up call” upward will not be satisfactory.

Throughout the book of Nehemiah, it is written he prays quite often. The main point behind his prayers is that he said them with little thought or better yet, spontaneously. These are observed in chapter 2 verse 4, 4:4-5, 9, 5:19, 6:14, 13:14, 22 and 29. I feel it is important to note he prayed with confidence because of knowing the Lord was available to listen and provide an answer. You can do the same by establishing a relationship with God which can be done in several ways. This is a devotion for some other time.

In the noted verse, Paul had never met the Colossians but he prayed for them. This can be paralleled to us praying for missionaries or people residing in other countries. Prayers like these can be said with several requests that they: “understand God’s will, gain spiritual wisdom, please and honor God, bear good fruit, grow in the knowledge of God, be filled with God’s strength, have great endurance and patience, stay full of Christ’s joy and give thanks always.”

Prayer: God, we ask for assistance in developing another part of prayer. Lead us to a better understanding of these thoughts in our communication with Your Son. Amen

Jeff Spang



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