Living and Loving Like Jesus Christ


First Round Playoff Results:  HeritageOne defeated Restore, St Paul’s defeated UnityTwo, UnityOne defeated HeritageTwo

Second Round Playoff Results:  Faith Hill won vs St Paul’s, Preakness defeated HeritageOne, UnityOne upset Midland Park, Pompton Plains over ALRC

First Final Four Games on Tuesday:  Faith Hill over Pompton Plains, Preakness over UnityOne.

More Final Four Games on Wednesday:  Faith Hill defeats Preakness, which means Faith Hill now automatically advances to Friday’s Championship Game!

Other Final Four Game on Wednesday:  Pompton Plains defeats UnityOne.  UnityOne is now eliminated.

Thursday’s Final Four Game:  Pompton Plains over Preakness in extra innings.  Preakness is eliminated.

Friday’s Championship Game:  Faith Hill defeats Pompton Plains

Friday August 4th – Unfortunately, for the 2nd straight week, chance of Thunderstorms will cause me to postpone this event.  Although, I would like to yet again say thank you to those from HeritageOne and HeritageTwo that I had the opportunity to call teammates for a day, and compete with them for a change instead of against them in a fundraiser.  I wish all teams could be as outstanding with their leadership as VanWoudenberg and Tom Hook.


full recap still to come of both the ALRC game and 2017 playoff review, including Faith Hill’s PERFECT year, never having lost one game.


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