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ALRC vs UnityOne

Maybe it was the fact that ALRC lost to UnityOne last year in the playoffs, when a win in that game would have sent the Green&White to their first ever Championship Game.  Maybe it was the fact that ALRC has lost 12 times in 13 years to UnityOne, more than any other team in the league.  Or maybe it was the fact that the only three times ALRC defeated UnityOne, their margin of victory in those 3 wins were:  1 run, 1 run, 1 run.  Therefore, if you are a player for ALRC or a fan of the Green&White, and you are looking for a reason that this year’s team is different in Year number 13, compared to the previous 12 years, then look no further than this game.  If ALRC somehow finds their way to a Championship Game for the first time in team history in 2017, and people ask Coach Scott Botbyl, “when did you realize that this year’s team was different”, he will answer “this game”.

In the top of the first inning, UnityOne registered two hits, but they were unable to score.  ALRC had their best inning of the game in the bottom of the first inning.  Dave DeWaalMalefyt hit a lead-off single, and then later scored on an RBI triple by Jason Young.  Scott D’Alessandro’s RBI double scored Young.  Brian Churco hit a single.  Brett Fritzsch’s RBI sac fly scored D’Alessandro.  With two outs, Dan Bosgra hit a single.  Joe Bosgra’s RBI single scored Churco.  Pastor Chris Jacobsen’s RBI single scored Dan Bosgra.  Scott Botbyl’s RBI double scored Joe Bosgra.  Dave DeWaalMalefyt’s RBI single scored Jacobsen.  Yrvy Gonzalez’s RBI double scored Botbyl.  Jason Young’s 2-RBI single scored both DeWaalMalefyt and Gonzalez to cap off the huge 10-run first inning for the Green&White.

UnityOne was able to manufacture a run in the top of the 2nd inning.  ALRC got that run right back very quickly with a solo HR by Brian Churco to start off the bottom of the 2nd inning.  Dan Bosgra singled and stole a base, but he was left in scoring position to end the inning.  ALRC was leading 11-1 after two innings.

In the top of the 3rd inning, UnityOne managed just one hit and was unable to score.  ALRC did not need to be reminded that this was the same UnityOne team that came back from an 11-2 deficit to beat the Green&White and end their season in a playoff game almost 10 years ago.  Scott Botbyl hit a lead-off single.  Dave DeWaalMalefyt followed with a single of his own, as Botbyl advanced to 3rd base.  Yrvy Gonzalez hit an RBI sac fly that scored Botbyl.  Jason Young hit a single.  Scott D’Alessandro’s RBI single scored DeWaalMalefyt.  ALRC was now leading 13-2 after three innings.

UnityOne scored a pair of runs in the top of the 4th inning, which cut the lead to 13-3.  In their last game against Faith Hill, ALRC let them hang around, never put them away, which eventually led to an extra innings loss.  ALRC made sure that didn’t happen again, as the Green&White put the game away with a 7-run bottom of the 4th inning.  Dan Bosgra hit a single and stole 2nd base.  Joe Bosgra and Scott Botbyl each hit singles to load the bases.  Dave DeWaalMalefyt’s RBI single scored Dan Bosgra.  Yrvy Gonzalez’s 2-RBI single scored both Joe Bosgra and Botbyl.  Jason Young’s RBI single scored DeWaalMalefyt.  Brian Churco’s 3-run HR made it 20-3 ALRC after four innings.

In the top of the 5th inning, UnityOne responded with their best inning of the game, scoring 4 runs.  ALRC scored one run in the bottom of the 5th inning.  Back-to-back singles by Joe Bosgra and Pastor Chris Jacobsen got things started.  Dave DeWaalMalefyt’s RBI single scored Joe Bosgra.  It was ALRC leading by a football score after five innings, 21-7.

UnityOne added two more runs in the top of the 6th inning.  ALRC tacked on five more runs in the bottom of the 6th inning.  It started with three straight singles by Jason Young, Scott D’Alessandro, and Brian Churco.  Brett Fritzsch’s 2-RBI single scored both Young and D’Alessandro.  Dan Bosgra hit a single.  Joe Bosgra’s RBI sac fly scored Churco.  Scott Botbyl’s 2-RBI single scoring both Fritzsch and Dan Bosgra to cap off the inning.  It was now 26-9 ALRC after six innings.

ALRC moved some positions around in the 7th inning.  Brian Churco went to the infield, Jacobsen was on the mound, and Botbyl went to ShortField.  The different positions seemed to lead to some defensive confusion as UnityOne scored a pair of runs.  However, it was Botbyl catching the final out to end the game, 26-11.

There was one player for ALRC with a PERFECT box score and that was Jason Young (5 for 5, 4 singles, triple, 2 Runs, 4 RBI’s).

There was also one player for UnityOne with a PERFECT box score, 4 for 4 (2 singles, double, triple, 2 Runs, 2 RBI’s).  Coach Scott Botbyl says, “my team and I have talked about it for 13 years, and I saw it when I played over there for a couple years, he just doesn’t make outs, and he’s been playing for decades, it’s just incredible, in fact it’s inspirational”.  Botbyl believes that’s probably his box score in every game against us, all 16 of the match-ups, and it’s probably a very similar box score against all the other teams over the years.  He still bats at the top of the line-up, after all these years, because he’s probably got an average of over .900, it really is so impressive, not to mention he’s squatting behind the plate for 7 innings, often in brutal heat.  He was actually the Coach for UnityOne when Botbyl played on that team early in his career.  “Ray is just phenomenal, no other way to describe him, such a wonderful man, we can all learn from watching him” Botbyl says.

There were many other solid box scores for ALRC, as they had four other players that only had one out each.  They were Dave DeWaalMalefyt, Brian Churco, Dan Bosgra, and Scott Botbyl.

ALRC is now 4-9 all-time versus UnityOne during the regular season.  The two teams have met three times in the playoffs, with UnityOne winning all three of those games as well.  ALRC has a record of 4-12 against UnityOne.


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