Living and Loving Like Jesus Christ

March 10th Devotional

March 10, 2016

Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Who, me? Are you sure you are talking to the right individual? I am sure you have made a mistake. These are no doubt what reactions there would be if someone believed we are perfect. One way we are perfect refers back to our school days. We scored a 100 on Friday’s Spelling test or were perfect in reciting the times tables, a poem or lines from a play. The one perfect score I recalled was when the old SATs were given, my oldest brother’s score in Math was without a blemish. Cheer up though, we are known not to be flawless but a goal in life should be what the Lord desires from us. This has to deal with our character. There are other viewpoints.

Holiness is a second way. We are not like the Pharisees whose values were far from perfect. We want to show God’s love. Third, how we mature is important because others will look at our character and hopefully see Christ in us by our actions. Fourth, “They Will Know We Are Christians by our Love” as we desire to love others just as our Savior loves us.

Our character is not formed by what others think of us but God’s opinion. People see us on the outside but only God knows what is in the heart. An example is when a replacement for Saul was necessary. David’s brothers were all “checked” but it was David himself who became Saul’s successor not because of his height but due to what the Lord knew. In other words, faith is not equal to appearance.

Recently, we looked at temptation. This is a part of our character. As inferred in the writing, temptation is not good for us if we give in. However, we should not dismiss times of testing because God wants to strengthen our character. Knowing the Word of the Lord will certainly be a plus as well.

Prayer: As our character continues to develop daily; make us thankful, Lord, for the opportunities provided for growth spiritually and personally. Amen.

Jeff Spang


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